Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy

Walk in a kid, Flip out a STAR!

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Ages 5-7 Recreational Classes

Super Stars I & II - Beginning & Intermediate

This class gives your child the opportunity to be challenged and experience success on all types of gymnastics equipment.  Children in this class will begin basic gymnastic progression on floor exercise, bars, beam, vault and the tumble trak.  Safety training, body position, strength and flexibility will all be emphasized.  The benefit of this class will be enhanced physical development while gaining self confidence.  Lesson plans are designed to challenge and create strength.  We are focused on giving our gymnasts an advantage in future gymnastics skills and also an advantage with other sports.

Super Stars III - Advanced

This class is designed for the advanced gymnast.  It will build off of the skills learned in Super Stars I & II.  A coach evaluation will be needed to place student in this class.  Gymnasts will utilize all pieces of apparatus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and tumble trak.  We will again emphasize proper technique and body position in this class.  We want to ensure each student is physically and mentally prepared to try new and harder skills in this class.  This class helps prepare gymnasts for future advancements in this sport.