Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy

Walk in a kid, Flip out a STAR!

Gymnastics Competitive Teams

Gymnastics is a wonderful sport for your child to gain strength and flexibility, while having a lot of fun. When your child moves from recreational to competitive gymnastics, their skills are performed at gym meets before judges. Depending on level and scores, your gymnast may earn ribbons, medals, trophies... and perhaps one day a scholarship or trip to the Olympic Games!

Here at Flip Starz Gymnastics our competitive gymnastics teams strive to provide a positive, safe, and fun environment for gymnasts. Our goals are to help gymnasts experience success through personal development and team unity. We create an environment which teaches gymnasts to set goals and have fun while learning to work hard to achieve their goals. We believe encouragement from coaches and parents are vital components in helping gymnasts reach their goals.

Our year round competitive program focuses on quality competitive training, friendship, teamwork, good sportsmanship, determination, dedication and fun with an emphasis on technique and skills required for competition.  Most importantly, we strive to improve our gymnasts self-confidence for gymnastics, as well as in life.