Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy

Walk in a kid, Flip out a STAR!

Flip Starz is proud to offer Karate classes!
Taught by our friends at Treger Marshal Arts Studio in Highland, Michigan.

Karate classes by Treger Studio of Martial Arts

The program is a well rounded mix of traditional training and practical usage such as self-defense and altercation avoidance techniques that are particularly important in the zero tolerance policy environment we find in both the school and work place. And we have a great time!

Class Designed with Four Primary Goals
  • Develop life skills to prepare them for today’s and future challenges.
  • Teach the school core values - character, confidence, patience and respect.
  • Develop camaraderie between students, families and instructors.
  • We want to stimulate, educate and entertain the students in a safe fun filled atmosphere for learning that allows them to excel inside and outside the karate school. Families that train together stay together.

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It is recommended you consult your physician before starting a new exercise program. When risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or heart problems exist it is advisable to be under the care of a physician. A physician will help to monitor progress and address any health concerns, giving specific recommendations to patients exhibiting these and other risk factors.