Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy

Walk in a kid, Flip out a STAR!

Waterford United Gymnastics Team

Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy is the new home gym for Waterford United Gymnastics.  The team consists of the Kettering High School Captains and the Mott High School Corsairs. This partnership gives students an opportunity to compete at a high school level for gymnastics.

The idea to create a high school gymnastics team for Waterford High Schools was orchestrated and executed by Brook-Lynn Rudolph, a senior at Mott High School. Brook-Lynn wanted a chance for exposure to college recruiters for gymnasts like herself. Brook-Lynn first approached Tara Holmes, owner of Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy to see if she would be interested in coaching the High School Team. Then she approached the High Schools and Waterford United Gymnastics (coached by Flip Starz Gymnastics Academy) was born.

“I am proud to have the opportunity to coach the Waterford United Gymnastics Team. The group of girls is fantastic. They work hard at practice and help each other. Our main focus for the gymnasts are excellence in academics, sportsmanship and athletic commitment throughout the school year,” said Coach Tara.

The cost for being part of the Waterford United Gymnastics Team is $125 per month plus uniform fees.