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Girls Ages 8 & Up

Shooting Stars

Beginner Class

This class is designed for the beginning gymnast.  This class will introduce them to the floor exercise, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and trampoline.  We will focus on teaching proper body position and technique on each apparatus.  Children in this class will also focus on coordination and strength.  Some of the skills they will focus on are: forward rolls, handstands against the wall, cartwheels with a spot on the floor exercise; pike and straddle swing on the bars; forward, sideway, and backward walking on the balance beam; proper run (showing acceleration) and proper board hit (jumping from 2 feet) on the vault.  



This class is for the beginning to intermediate gymnast.  This class will build off the technique and skills learned in the Super Stars class.  Gymnasts will utilize all pieces of apparatus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and tumble trak. We will again emphasize proper technique and body position in this class. We want to ensure each student is physically and mentally prepared to try new and harder skills in this class. This class helps prepare gymnasts for future advancements in this sport.  Some of the skills they will focus on are: handstands and cartwheels on floor; pullover and casting on bars; releve walking, straight jumps, lever, and tuck jump dismount on beam; proper run and board hit, and squat on vault.


Intermediate Class

This class is designed for the intermediate gymnast.  This class is for the gymnast who has demonstrated good listening skills. They are also able to execute proper technique on skills taught in the Rising Stars class.  They will begin to increase their flexibility and strength training in this class.  This class helps prepare gymnasts for future advancements in this sport.  Some of the skills they will focus on are: round-offs and bridge kickovers on the floor; back hip circle and stride circle on bars; handstand with a spot and tuck jumps on beam; and handstand flat back on vault.


Advanced Class

This class is by invitation only.  It is the most advanced class we offer.  Students are chosen to join this class by one of our staff members because they have demonstrated proper technique, execution, safety, and the desire to learn and be challenged.  This class is the perfect stepping stone for someone who is interested in competing with the sport of gymnastics.  If competition isn't for your child, this class will still help them advance and reach their potential in the sport of gymnastics.  Some of the skills they will focus on are: back walkovers and back handsprings on floor; glides and kips on bars; handstands and cartwheels on balance beam; front handspring over table onto mat stack on vault.